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Treating Cellulite

Dr Rosh discusses the formation of cellulite and his treatment preference.

Spotlight On: EMsculpt

Dr Rosh explores the use of a new energy-based device that aims to build muscle and reduce fat simultaneously with the Aesthetic Journal

Incorporating Wellness into Your Clinic

With the wellness phenomenon at an all-time high, Dr Rosh speaks to the Aesthetics Journal alongside four practitioners to talk about how and why they decided to introduce this element into their clinics.

The Love Island Edition

As we become consumed by the compelling new Love Island 2018 series viewers have been complaining profusely. Only a week in and a wealth of complaints!

Feeling SAD?

We may all be able to recall a time when have grieved the Summer and experienced the ‘winter blues’? Or, perhaps we know someone that feels melancholy when summer days run out and Autumn sets in? 

A Resolution to a New Year….

So 2017 has ended, was it resolved? By definition, to resolve implies something was needed to be fixed! It is a well-documented fact that most New Year’s resolutions fail, yet some of us still keep making them: you’re not alone. Why do we do this?

Self-Injection, a rising phenomenon

A clip was recently brought to my attention of a 22-year-old reality celebrity who appeared to engage in self-injection with lip filler. In one hand she held the camera and the other she held a syringe. She called out as she struggled with fear of needles before she accidentally jabbed herself.

Baby Botox

Baby Botox! Hold up, It's not what you’re thinking! I assure you it is not Botox for babies!

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