A new, non-invasive, treatment which simultaneously works to build muscle and burns fat.

Discover a groundbreaking procedure EMSCULPT exclusive to KLNIK.

More and more people are seeking out effective non-invasive cosmetic procedures to meet their needs. For this reason, the EMSCULPT treatment is perfect for those looking for a fat burning procedure, with the added benefit of also being a muscle builder. And it is the first ever device of its kind to do so.

KLNIK was the first UK-based clinic to offer this amazing fat burning procedure and muscle builder outside of the USA. For those looking for a non-invasive cosmetic solution to their weight loss needs this is the future - so, don’t wait and take advantage of this new procedure today.

Prices from £750

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EMSCULPT (electromagnetic sculpt) is a nonsurgical contouring treatment which uses electromagnetic fields to force muscle contraction, which then causes fat loss and muscle growth to occur. This is the same technology used during MRI scans. The main focus of this procedure is the stomach and buttocks area, providing non-surgical buttocks augmentation and muscle builder. It is particularly effective for candidates with a BMI of less than 25  - particularly those who are not candidates for more invasive fat reduction treatments.

But, the actual effect speaks for themselves:

  • One 30-minute EMSCULPT procedure is equivalent to 20,000 situps and squats!
  • EMSCULPT is the only device which simulates 100% muscle.
  • Tones and burns fat simultaneously.
  • Clinical results show 19% fat loss and 16% muscle increase.
  • As a non-invasive cosmetic treatment, no recovery time or pre/post preparation is needed.

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